Best Online Hold’em Poker Rooms

Hold’em is the most popular Online Poker Game, always been. When the Poker Boom just started, its Fixed Limit variation was the most popular one. Those days are long gone, though. Today, No Limit is by far the most popular Poker Type and is played in several variations, such as Short Handed and Heads Up.

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When listing the Best Hold’em Online Poker Rooms, we took several factors into account, which helped to make our decision. So the rooms listed below aren’t just best, when it comes to the amount of Hold’em Tables offered.

  • Reputation – a site that can be named as the best in any category has to have a crystal clear reputation. Sites listed have been around for several years and have provided a great service to their customers. They are known to be reliable.
  • Customer Service – getting a great service is important in just about any industry. This is even more true, when it comes to Gambling and Online Poker. Issues will happen and problems will arise. If you can’t fix them quickly, you’ll get annoyed quite fast.
  • Banking – Online Poker is played for Real Money, thus banking is very important. If you win $10,000, but have to wait several weeks or even months to get them, you won’t be pleased. Great banking is closely related to Customer Service and reputation.
  • Traffic – yep, this is just the fourth one. While having enough tables is really important, it’s not anywhere near in terms of importance, when compared to a factor like reputation. All the Poker Rooms listed will feature a significant Hold’em traffic, though.
  • Softness – this relates to the level of average player at the tables. Poker Rooms vary really a lot, when it comes to this. Softness of the games are highly impacted by side games offered by the company, which operates the Poker Room. If the company is also a huge SportsBook or Casino, it’s very likely that the games will feature some huge whales!
  • Variety of Games – the most popular Hold’em variation is 6max, but many players are also looking to play Heads Up or Full Ring. Best Poker Rooms will be able to provide a significant traffic in each of these.
  • Wide Range of Stakes – players are usually looking anywhere between Micro and High Stakes games, so it’s important to have a wide range of stakes available for play.