Managing Your Bankroll

Bankroll Management is one of the most underrated aspects, when it comes to Poker. Players tend to think that they don’t need to follow any guidelines, if they are good enough to beat the game. Sadly this isn’t the case and even the greatest player on earth would likely go broke without following it.

So how does one follow Bankroll Management exactly? Are there any rules that are set it stone? Funnily enough, there aren’t any. As everything in Poker, these rules also depend.

What’s Poker to You?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself. Depending on the answer, rules for Bankroll Management will vary a lot.

If you’re looking to Play Poker for a living and it will be your main source of income, you’ll have to follow really strict guidelines. This is mainly because going broke isn’t an option. Well it is, but if that happens, you’re screwed.

For those looking to play Tournaments for a living, I would advise to have at least 200 Buy-ins for the stakes desired. So if you’re looking to play $10 Tournaments, make sure you have at least $2,000 in your account! This might seem like a lot, but Tournaments, especially those featuring large amount of entrants, consist of large variance and swings.

Cash-Games players can settle down for less buy-ins. 100 Buy-ins are totally enough for these games. So if you’re looking to get into nl50 action, have $5,000 in your account.

”Fun Players”

If Poker is just a way of relaxation to you, above is completely unnecessary. Those who Play Poker for fun usually doesn’t care if they loose their account balance, as that won’t affect their daily life.

There’s nothing to advise for these players. You can surely deposit a buy-in or two for the desired games and play them!