Best MicroStakes Poker Rooms

MicroStakes Poker could be separated from all the other limits and what not. This isn’t because the gameplay is so much worse, but mainly because this is where people usually start out in Poker. You don’t just Sign Up at a Poker Site and deposit $10,000. Well, sometimes you do, but generally people are looking to start out small and advance through the limits slowly.

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 100% up to $700 Visit Review
2 Deposit $25, Get $50 Visit Review

As a MicroStakes Player you are looking for several things:

  • Traffic – you’ll likely be playing several tables, so traffic is a very important factor for you. Choose a Poker Room that offers at least a dozen MicroStakes tables. If you play SNG’s or Tournaments, check how fast and often they load.
  • Bonuses – it’s very likely that you have limited bankroll, so Bonuses are also really important. This time size does not really matter as much as the increments the Bonus is released in. The smaller these are, the better. Ideally, it’s credited in $2 or $5 chunks, which will boost your bankroll often.
  • Promotions – again, you are likely to have a very limited funds to play with, so Promotional money is worth a lot. While Bonuses will boost your bankroll, the return percentage won’t be all that big. Promotions, on the other hand, will often give returns over 100%, to MicroStakes players specifically.
  • Softness – all the promotional and Bonus money is great, but you have to concentrate on your main goal – win money by Playing Poker. This is an easier task, if your opponents are weak. Here’s a hint: the softest sites will usually have a wide range of side games offered, such as Casino and SportsBetting.

Whichever Room you end up choosing, remember one thing, which is more important than everything. You have to constantly work on your game and follow Bankroll Management. If you’ll work hard, you will be out of the Micros in no time!